UEA Board of Directors

The Fort Wayne Urban Enterprise Association is a 12 member board of directors appointed by the Mayor of Fort Wayne, the City Council, and the Governor of the State of Indiana. The Association is formed in accordance with the state statutes that govern the enterprise zone program in Indiana and is organized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

The Association has established a set of goals consistent with its articles of incorporation as a not-for-profit corporation:

  • To provide for economic and physical revitalization in the enterprise zone
  • To influence location, investment and employment decisions of new and existing businesses in the zone
  • To improve the social and economic conditions in the zone
  • To foster job creation, particularly targeted to zone residents
  Representation Term Expires Appointed By
Patricia Turner, President Zone Resident March 31, 2020 City Council
LaRez Neighborhood      
Brook Steed, Vice President Indiana Economic Development Corp. March 31, 2020 Governor
John Stineburg
Economic Development March 31, 2020 Mayor
Jerry Henry Zone Business March 31, 2020 Council
 Midwest Pipe & Steel      
Mike Kelly Zone Business March 31, 2020 Mayor
Geoff Paddock City Council March 31, 2020 City Council
Jim Obergfell Zone Resident March 31, 2020 City Council
Hoagland Masterson Neighborhood      
Anthony Ridley Zone Resident March 31, 2020 Mayor
Renaissance Pointe Neighborhood      
Mario Trevino Plan Commission March 31, 2020 Mayor
Les Zimmerman Labor/Union March 31, 2020 Mayor
UA Local 166      
Tiziano Briozzo Zone Business  March 31, 2020 Mayor
 Valbruna Slater Stainless Inc.      
Vacant State Legislature   Governor
Dan Borgmann UEA Legal Council    
Helmke Beams, LLC