Tax Forms and Deadlines

New for 2019!

Beginning in 2019, all enterprise zone businesses must now file their Form EZB-R (Enterprise Zone Business Registration Form) and EZB-E (Extension Form) by June 1, 2019 with their local Urban Enterprise Association.  More information will be coming.

Schedule EZ-2 Investment Deduction Form

Businesses that apply to receive a tax abatement need to file Schedule EZ-2 with the Allen County Auditors Office no later than May 15 of each year.  It is only necessary to fill out the Property Description section and sign the form.  The Auditors office will fill out the assessment numbers and calculate any increase from previous years on both real estate and personal property.  For personal property deductions, attach an equipment list to the EZ-2 when you file with the Auditors office.

103 Long Form

103 Short Form

104 Form